Updates from the President



The following programs were successfully carried out under the very able leadership of our Academic Dean, with the active involvement of the respective department heads, program units, faculty, teachers, staff and students.

  1. Accreditation resurvey of our Liberal Arts and Education Programs by the accreditation team from the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges & Universities-Accrediting Agency, Inc. (ACSCU-AAI) on February 15-18, 2016. We pray and hope to be granted Level III accreditation status by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP) through ACSCU-AAI.
  2. Approved 50 slots for Education Service Contracting (ESC) by the ESC Certifiers from the Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE) for our incoming Grade 7 students this SY 2016-2017.
  3. Released 2nd and 3rd issues of refereed Harris Journal of Research in Education (HJRE) on various topics. These can be accessed from Harris website. Copies will be made available at reasonable cost.
  4. Approved the offering of Senior High School (Grades 11 & 12), Academic Track with three strands: General Academic Strand (GAS), Humanities & Social Science (HUMSS) and Accountancy and Business Management (ABM). Qualified students can avail of voucher worth P17,500 each good for the whole school year, with no top-up.
  5. Implementation of iHarris

Through the leadership of our Academic Dean, the iHarris was developed. It stands for “inspiring innovations at Harris,” which serves as the theme and inspiration for all curricular and co-curricular activities at Harris Memorial College for the 2nd Semester of SY 2015-22016. iHarris is the raison d-etre for the development of the following academic agenda:

a. Building a culture of scholarship

  • On-line refereed Harris Journal of Research in Education, with articles from Harris faculty members.
  • Publication of 2 tertiary textbooks: The Teaching Profession authored by Pawilen (REX Publishing) and A Handbook for Practice Teaching by Prof. Princess Zarla Raguindin (Harris).
  • On-going development of Children’s Sunday School materials by Prof. Patricia Tamang and selected student deaconesses.
  • Two researches done by two faculty members with selected senior students.
  • b. Harnessing academic freedom to improve instruction
  • Continuous implementation of Outcome-based Education (OBE) program as reflected in the syllabi, including the revision of existing curriculum for music and instructional approach being used in the College.
  • Introduction and use of iHarris Instructional Design to help improve the delivery of instruction in the College, and to help engage the students in meaningful and enjoyable learning.
  • c. Fostering a culture of innovation
  • The College Department pioneered an Instructional Coaching Program for teachers in the Basic Education Department mentoring them to help improve their skills in teaching young children, with Prof. Josefa Carina V. Clavio as lead-mentor.
  • Regular research meeting of faculty members to discuss research issues and concerns.
  • d. Instituting academic identity
  • Development of research agenda to improve research culture and to provide directions for research activities of the College.
  • Development of College Faculty Development Plan
  • Development of the College Guidance Manual
  • e. Work effectively with higher education institutions (HEIs) and other institutions and professional organizations where such partnership can lead to excellent teaching and greater involvement in research.
  • Greg Pawilen facilitated the Outcome-based Education Training-Workshop for the Division of Social Sciences of UP, Los Banos, and facilitated the same topic for all faculty members of UP, Mindanao, with Prof. Josefa Carina Clavio as co-facilitator.
  • Likewise, Dr. Pawilen currently serves as academic consultant for General Education of REX Book Store, and Dr. Angelita Broncano as one of the writers.
  • Angelita Broncano serves as editor and coordinator for the K-10 Christian Living textbooks to be published by Vibal Publishing Company. Many authors of this textbook series are faculty and teachers of Harris: Ms. Lovelyn Blanco, Ms. Princess Zarla Raguindin, Ms. Cecil Arceo, Ms. Cleanor Ladia, Ms. Merlita Estrellas, Ms. Patricia Tamang, Ms. Janice Patria Serafica and Ms. April Umali-Macan. Other authors who are graduates of Harris are: Ms. Norma Dollaga, Ms. Darlene Marquez-Caramanzana, Ms. Benny Mendoza, Dr. Gladys Mangiduyos, Mrs. Nenita F. Cao, to name a few.
  • Jenny Jane Corpuz and Ms. Lovelyn Blanco serve as writers for UMC VCS materials, while Rev. Janice Patria Serafica and Ms. Zarla Raguindin serve as VCS writers for NCCP VCS materials.
  • Intentional partnership with the Commission on Deaconess Service to better help the student deaconesses in their education and formation.
  • f. Ensure quality education and positive learning experiences that shape students’ knowledge, skills, values, professionalism and intellectual discipline.
  • Continuous improvement in instruction
  • ICT integration in all subjects
  • Instructional support for students with low academic standing
  • Dialogue with students regarding improvement of academic and dormitory life
  • Donation of books for science, literature, social studies and other subjects to the Harris Elementary Library from International School Manila through the help of Ms. Hadassah Abenojar-Castro.
  • g. Recruit and train good students and faculty members
  • 99% of faculty members are graduate degree holders
  • 4 Basic Education teachers have passed the LET
  • Retreat cum in-service training of Basic Education teachers
  1. Improve efficiency of the academic processes
  • Continuous assessment and monitoring/observation of the instructional capacity of the Basic Education teachers
  • Review of students’ disciplinary policies
  • Regular consultation between the Academic Dean, Principal and Director of Student Affairs and Services
  • Faculty meetings to discuss academic programs and issues
  • h. Make Harris a cultural hub in Rizal
  • The Harris Choraliers was invited to sing Christmas carols at the Unang Hirit program of GMA 7 last December 15, 2015, with Prof. Grace Choi, a resident artist of Harris Memorial College, conducting.
  • Holding of monthly concert by each of the music faculty members at the JLV Chapel starting in December 2015. It aims to make Harris a cultural hub in Region IV, as well as to showcase the talents and skills of the music faculty members.
  • Impresiones Musicales de Espana was the first concert performed by Prof. Enrico Benjamin N. Reyes on December 10, 2015.
  • A Night of Opera was performed by Prof. Grace Choi on January 21, 2016.
  • A Dream of Love was performed by Prof. Ma. Cielito Amor T. Ubalde on February 19, 2016.
  • A Songs from the Heart was performed by Prof. Leah Grace L.  Lumba on March 17, 2016.
  • Students’ piano and choral conducting recitals
  • Music festival featuring the college students
  • One Harris Christmas Celebration from preschool to college on December 18, 2015
  • Musical Play: “A Joyfulliest Noise” performed by the elementary students, with Teacher Cecil Bucud-Arceo as Musical Director, Teachers Princess Jona Eleese Rivera and Nathalie Ayka Lazaro as Stage Directors, with the help of other elementary teachers. This activity served as final examination of the students for Music, Arts and PE, in line with the DepEd performance-based curriculum, and as a culminating activity for the Glee Club and Theater Arts.
  1. Enrolment and Graduation

For SY 2015-2016, we have a total enrolment of 309 from preschool to college: Preschool –

26, Elementary – 84, High School – 81, and College – 118 (ABCE – 40, BEEd-ECE for student

deaconesses – 62 and BEEd-ECE for non-student deaconesses – 16).

We graduated 27 college students on March 28, 2016: 9 – ABCE, 13 – BKE, and 5 – BEED-ECE.  One student from your conference, Rociel M. Villena, graduated from the Bachelor of Kindergarten Education program.


  1. Continuing professional development of faculty and teachers
  2. Ms. Ruby Leah S. Lising finished her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology major in Educational

Measurement and Evaluation at De La Salle University, Manila on December 08, 2015.

  1. Ms. Lovelyn Blanco successfully passed her Comprehensive Exam for her MA in Reading at PNU

in August 2015.

  1. Ms. Princess Zarla J. Raguindin will be taking Ph.D. in Special Education, SY 2016-2017.
  2. Five (5) teachers in the Basic Department will be taking master’s degree in Math; Science;

MAPEH; English, Language & Reading; and Guidance & Counselling this SY 2016-2017.

Another teacher has already started her graduate studies in Special Education.

  1. Future Plans for Harris

While maintaining its primordial mission of educating, training and preparing young women

for full time ministry as deaconesses, Harris Memorial College envisions itself as an excellent

Professional Institute with comprehensive undergraduate, graduate and extension programs in

the future, as follows:

  1. Certificate and Diploma in Early Childhood Education in Myanmar
  2. Undergraduate degree in Music Education and extension programs in Music leading to

the establishment of Harris Institute for Music

  1. Create a Harris School for undergraduate studies to strengthen the existing

undergraduate programs (BEED, AB, AB-CM), & new programs such as BEED-SpEd, etc.

  1. Graduate degrees and diploma courses in ECE and CE leading to the establishment of

Harris Professional School

  1. Create a Center for research, publication and extension
  2. Establishment of a Harris Institute for Deaconess Formation to further strengthen the

existing deaconess formation program.


  1. Scholarship, discounts and food subsidy

For the 1st Semester, SY 2015-2016, out of 123 student deaconesses, 83 or 68% enjoyed

either full or partial scholarship (P1,798, 529.52), 94 or 77% availed of food subsidy and discounts on tuition and piano fees (P849,700), while 40 or 32 % is being supported by their families. This current semester, out of 118 student deaconesses, 79 or 67 % enjoyed either full or partial scholarship (P1,481,626.90), 91 or 77% availed of food subsidy and discounts on tuition and piano fees (P789,860), while 39 or 33% is being supported by their families. The combined academic scholarship granted to students for two semesters is P185,461.83.

As per approval of the Harris BOT, the freshman students enjoy the same privileges starting 1st semester of this school year.

  1. Christian Discipleship Formation Program (CDFP)

The CDFP program focuses on the spiritual formation and nurture, Christian discipleship and leadership development for students, faculty and staff in all levels. The various CDFP activities aim to help our academic community become rooted in the word of God, which is one of the goals of Harris Memorial College.

  1. Guidance Programs

To help the students with their emotional and psychological needs, the following activities were done, while others are continually being done: student orientation, interview program (intake & exit), individual counselling, group guidance, administration of psychological tests, junior counsellors’ program, personality development, individual and group processing for graduating students, among others.

  1. Dormitory and Health

To make the dormitory a conducive place to live in, the following things are being implemented: maintenance of cleanliness and orderliness in the dorm and surroundings, instilling discipline among the students through observance of dormitory policies, proper management of facilities, to name a few.

To insure good health among the students and employees of the school, the following activities were done and are being continued: education and training on hygiene; good grooming and nutrition; safe environment to prevent illness, diseases and accidents; disaster preparedness; training of paramedics; clean and proper food preparation; expanded medical services by putting up an infirmary in the dorm and satellite clinic in high school. Also, there is pest control being done monthly on campus.


We continue with the various outreach programs in the areas being served by the school, namely: literacy program (community-based preschool and ALS); Christian education and values formation; leadership development; livelihood projects such as tahong farm in two communities in Villareal, Samar and sewing program – rugs, bed cover and pillow cases for income generation; provision of scholarships to indigent children; support services like medical-dental mission, feeding program for preschool children and Christmas gift-giving to indigent children and families; production of pamphlet on herbal medicines, to name a few.


  1. Purchased and licensed 25 brand new computer units for use of elementary and high school


  1. Provision of separate air-conditioned computer room for elementary, high school and college
  2. Provision of satellite clinic in high school
  3. Renovation of college library and amenities therein through the sponsorship of Rev. Marlu

Primero Scott.

  1. Construction of ramp for the main clinic
  2. Construction of fire exit for the Music Hall
  3. Provision of herbal garden
  4. Partial landscaping of the administration, chapel and high school


  1. Support to UMC Projects – campaign for UMC Headquarters with donations given by Harris,

Family Solidarity Day/Fun Run at QC Memorial Circle with contingent from Harris, Clean-up

Day at Freedom Island.

  1. UMW-USA – received $25,000 grant from UMW-USA for the renovation of the dormitory

this summer.

  1. Harris Alumni Association, Philippines – raised funds amounting to P600,000 from the concert

proceeds sponsored by the Association. This seed money will be used for the conversion

of High School Auditorium into Harris Auditorium.

  1. UMW & Office of Deaconess in USA – three graduating students will be consecrated during

the 2016 General Conference in Portland, Oregon. All expenses will be shouldered by the


  1. Harris Alumni Association & Friends in USA – will visit and promote Harris in Seattle,

Washington; Portland, Oregon; and California. Also, we’ll meet and have sharing with graduates of Harris.

  1. Myanmar – Harris will offer Certificate and Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Special

Education and Christian Education in Myanmar.

  1. C&E Publishing – published Harris KIDS Preschool Workbooks on 5 subjects areas: Science,

Math, Social Studies (AP), Christian Living, Communication Arts (Reading & Writing)

  1. Vibal Publishing Company – will publish Christian Living for Everyday Life textbook series, with

some faculty and teachers as writers, and Dr. Angelita Broncano as editor and coordinator.


God continues to be faithful and gracious to Harris Memorial College through the direction and guidance of the Board of Trustees, through faithful and generous partners in ministry here and abroad, through your prayers and support and through the ministry being done by the school administrators, faculty and staff for the sake of the students we love and minister. To God all praises and glory. Thank you very much.