Admission Requirements


1.  Birth certificate

2.  Medical certificate

3.  Progress Report Card (if there is any)

4.  Duly filled-out registration form

5.  Assessment fee


Admission Procedures


1.  Submit requirements nos. 1-3 to the child’s teacher.

2.  Secure registration form from the teacher in charge of registration and fill out the form.

3.  Settle payments at the Business Office.

4.  Proceed to the designated enrolment area and fill out enrolment forms.

5.  Have your child be interviewed and assessed by the teacher.

6.  Secure admission slip from the teacher who made the interview and assessment of your child.

7.  Fill out the Bus Service application form at the Business Office. (Optional)


NOTE:  For information on payments, discounts, and refund, please read Admission Policies in the Elementary and High School.