Senior High School

Offers Academic Track:


Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM)

This strand is for students who are inclined  to take college degrees related to business and management programs


Humanities & Social Sciences (HUMSS)

This strand is for students who express interest in pursuing a college degree in liberal education like history, language, philosophy and psychology.


General Academic Strand (GAS)

This strand is for students who seek to pursue General studies rather than specialized fields.


Admission Requirements

  1. 2pcs 1×1 picture
  2. Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate
  3. Photocopy of Form 138 1st Quarter Grade
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  5. Sign-up Form (from Harris Memorial College)


Enrollment April-May 2016

  1. Photocopy of Grade 10 Report Card with Learner Reference Number (LRN) if Public Junior High School student
  2. Certificate of Junior High Scholl Completion
  3. Certificate of Qualified Voucher Recipient
  4. ESC Certificate Letter from Junior High School Principal (if ESC grantees)
  5. Entrance Examination Result (from HMC Guidance Office)


We accept Government Voucher!

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For inquiries contact:

Rev. Caroline A. Santos, Guidance Counselor  (897-3826)

Ms. Arlene P. Borabo, Registrar  (542-0174)