An Evening Full of Fun

Every school year opening, Harris Memorial College holds Student Orientation program for all students. This event provides information about student support services, policies, and academic requirements, at the same time prepares the students to plan for their whole year program of activities.

The orientation process is usually three days but this year was different. It was only a two-day event which happened on June 8 and 9, with an additional highlight – a night full of fun and celebration – to make the students feel more welcomed. The welcome night included various cultural shows presented by the students themselves clustered by different national ethnic groups, coupled with creative presentations that make up the whole faculty and administration staff of the college. It was truly a night full of fun and indeed, the students felt welcomed and special!

Subsequently, the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Mrs. Priscilla Atuel, on her short talk re-emphasized the focus of HMC which is to develop young leaders with character moulded for future ministry to make positive contribution to the church and society. While the Academic Dean, Dr. Greg Pawilen, introduced to the student body the whole faculty and staff of the college. (Gladys Caole)