Our Academic Dean, Dr. Greg T. Pawilen, and four of our faculty members represented Harris Memorial College in the East-Asian Science Education (EASE) 2016 held at Tokyo University of Science in Tokyo, Japan  last August 26-28, 2016. The group presented their research papers in line with the assembly’s theme:“Innovations in  Science Education Research & Practice: Strengthening International Collaboration”.

Lovelyn C. Blanco
Strand: Integrated Science
Presentation Title: Teaching Science Using Art Enhances Process SkillsObserve, Communicate, Compare, Measure, Organize

Enrico Benjamin N. Reyes
Strand: Integrated Science
Presentation Title: Exploring the Elements of Music in Creating Experiences of Science Concepts

Xerxes B. Dulay
Strand: Science Education in Informal Settings
Presentation Title: The Use of Alternative Materials for Hands-on Approach in Science Education for Young Children

Franklin R. Falculan
Strand: Mathematics Education
Presentation Title: Enhancing Mathematics Skills Through Science Activities

Greg T. Pawilen
Strand: Curriculum / Teaching Materials
Presentation Title: The iHARRIS Academy Science-Based Curriculum for Nurturing Gifted Potentials of Young Children

EASE is a gathering of science education researchers/teachers, on which participants can share and learn recent findings and solutions, and more importantly, to set out on a quest and exploration of science education. It encourages the cross-fertilization of ideas, and facilitates research at the forefront of science education with the following strands:

      1. Studies on Learners
      2. Studies on Teachers
      3. Studies on Interactions between Teaching and Learning
      4. Curriculum/Assessment/Policy
      5. Curriculum/Teaching Materials
      6. ICT in Science Education
      7. Integrated Sciences (SSI, EE, ESD)
      8. Teacher Education
      9. STEM Education
      10. Historical, Philosophical, Sociological, Cultural and Gender Issues
      11. Science Education in Informal Settings
      12. Science Communication/Engagement
      13. Mathematics Education
      14. Other Issues

EASE 2016 TOKYO was such a great venue of new wonderful learnings and insights for teachers especially for Science educators. The following were the reflections and recommendations from the said conference; 1) Implementation, more researches, and collaboration with other educational institutions locally and globally are needed for continuous development and to be updated with the best trends in education. 2) Faculty members are encouraged and be supported to do research that could be helpful to the improvement of the teaching-learning experience. 3) Programs for faculty development must be improved. 4) Develop facilities to enhance the learning experiences and eventually become learning achievements of students. 5) Consider hiring teachers with expertise to teach / facilitate a specific specialization. 6) Make iHarris Academy a regular program of Harris Memorial College.

This years’ EASE marked the pursuit of excellence in the learning and teaching of science, the quest for knowledge, and the participants’ contribution to the advancement of science education research. (Lovelyn C. Blanco)