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The document below contains the researches on education by Harris Memorial College.

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Harris Journal of Education Vol. 2


Harris Journal of Education Volume 3


 Harris Journal of Education, Vol. 1 No. 1 June 2013

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Editor’s Note 2013


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Mañabat 2013  Theological Field Education: Toward a Holistic and Transformative Ministerial Formation and Ministry in the Philippines


Pawilen  2013  Integrating Indigenous Knowledge in the Elementary Science Curriculum


Faustino 2013  Designing a Differentiated Curriculum for Gifted Children in Grade 1 Science


Santos 2013 Integrating Peace Concepts in the Preschool Curriculum of Harris Memorial College


Manzano 2013 The Cleaning of One’s Heart and Mind


Faustino, Distajo, Santos, Ladia 2013 Analyzing the Textbook Used for Public Kindergarten Classrooms in the Philippines


Distajo 2013 Counseling Needs of College Students and the Guidance Program of Harris Memorial College


Broncano 2013  A Feminist Analysis of Women’s Role and Status and Gender Relations Among Church Workers in the United Methodist Church in the Philippines by Angelita Bolinas-Broncano


Note to the contributors 2013