(School Year 2020-2021)

Dr. Cristina N. Manabat, Harris President

(Excerpt from the President’s Report to the Annual Conferences Session 2021)


            A blessed and wonderful day to all of you! As a song says, “It’s a great thing to praise the Lord!”


It is with great joy that I present to you major updates on the different areas of our school, Harris Memorial College.


The educational landscape of the Philippine educational system has been greatly affected due to the debilitating effects of COVID-19 pandemic. To cope with this unprecedented event, the Harris Board of Trustees approved the 3-Year Strategic Plan/Direction of Harris Memorial College (2020-2023) prepared by the school administration. It serves as guide in the implementation of all approved programs and projects, with corresponding budget, personnel, finances and the like.


  1. Automation of enrolment and payment

The automation of enrolment and payment for the Basic Education and college students was started on July 15, 2020 to ensure the safety of the students, parents and employees from the COVID-19 pandemic. Some parents opted to enrol their children to Harris face-to-face, with the assistance of the administrator of the Harris  flexible learning management system (FLMS), while strictly observing the minimum health protocols.

  1. Opening of classes using distance learning and Harris FLMS

Last September 1st, we opened our classes in the Basic Education and College  departments using distance learning as a delivery mode of instruction. It is both online and offline classes, with no face-to-face instruction, using the Harris FLMS exclusively designed  for our school. It is being administered by a full-time staff. Several trainings on the use of  Harris FLMS were conducted for our faculty, teachers, school administrators, staff,  students and parents.

Doing distance learning is quite difficult and challenging to the teachers, faculty and  students. We are grateful for the hard work and commitment of our faculty and teachers  who give their best to deliver quality education to the students. Little by little, with the   support of school administrators and parents/guardians, the teachers, faculty and students   are able to adjust and cope with online and offline classes.

  1. Field Education Program

Sophomore and Junior student deaconesses and home missioners have their week-end church appointment in their respective local churches for their course in Field  Education. The Field Education Coordinator works closely with the students and with  church workers where the students are assigned. There were virtual webinars conducted;            “Conversation on Sexual Harassment” with deaconesses Norma Dollaga and Arceli Bile as resource persons and “UMC Sexual Ethics” with Rev. Marie-Sol S. Villalon as speaker.

  1. Virtual Classes and Performance Tasks

 All classes in the Basic Education and College Departments are conducted online and offline using the Harris flexible learning management system. This includes virtual classes for individual piano and organ lessons, class choirs and practice teaching for graduating students majoring in Early Childhood Education (ECE).

The Grade 10 students taking Araling Panlipunan led by Deaconess-Teacher Jean Dulay-Gique gave cash donations of P6,460 plus P2,000 from two deaconesses as financial assistance to the bereaved family of Ma. Fe Claros and granddaughter who died a few weeks ago as part of their Performance Tasks thru civic actions. This is a demonstration of the Vision of Harris of educating the students for a Christ-like and service.

Likewise, the Grades 7-10 JHS students taking Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao (ESP) being handled by Rev. Estelito Binuya Jr. have initiated the #HarrisCommunityPantry on May   11-14 as part of their Performance Task in the said subject thus, embodying the Vision statement of the school. Each Grade Level donated food supplies on their assigned day. The Harris employees, BOT members, the Asuncion Perez Memorial Center, Inc. thru Ms. Liza Cortez and staff, parents of the students and members of the JLV congregation have donated cash and in kinds toward this noble cause as a concrete expression of God’s   love for our needy fellow Filipinos.

  1. Comparative Enrolment

For SY 2020-2021, our enrolment in the Basic Education was decreased by 28.1%. The total enrollment in our Basic Education department is 418, compared with last year’s 519. Many students transferred to public schools due to loss of jobs of their parents brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the College Department, we have 67 student deaconesses (13 Freshmen, 20 Sophomores, 23 Juniors and 11 Seniors), 3 home missioner students (1 Sophomore and 2 Juniors), 3 under the non-deaconess program and 13 students taking Certificate in Early Childhood Education (CECE), for a total of 86 (with a 10% increase), compared to last year’s 78.

Below is the breakdown by year level, episcopal area and annual conferences

(MEA – 44, BEA – 23 and DEA – 3), with Pampango PAC having the most number of student deaconesses (16) and home missioner (1) for a total of 17.

 MEA –   7 Freshmen (2 from PamPAC, 3 from WMidPAC, 1 PACC and 1 QCPACE)

13 Sophomores (7 from PamPAC, 4 from BulPAC, 1 from MidPAC and 1 from  WMidPAC)

             19 Juniors (8 from PamPAC, 2 from RPACE, 2 from SNEPAC, 2 from  WMidPAC, 2 from SWPAC and 1 each from BulPAC, QCPACE and PACC)

5 Seniors (3 from WMidPAC, 1 from RPACE and 1 from PAC)

BEA –    4 Freshmen (2 from NELPAC, 1 from HIPAC and 1 from TarPAC

               8 Sophomores (2 from NCPAC, 2 from NWPAC and 1 each from CLPAC, PPAC, TarPAC and NEPAC)

6 Juniors (2 from CLPAC, 2 from NEPAC, 1 from NCPAC and 1 from NELPAC)

5 Seniors (2 from NEPAC, 2 from HIPAC and 1 from NCPAC)

DEA –    2 Freshmen (1 from Bicol PAC and 1 from VisPAC)

               0 Sophomore

0 Juniors

1 Senior (irregular student due to lacking subject to be taken during  SY 2021-2022; will not join the graduation for SY 2020-2021)

  1. Graduation

There were nineteen (19) college students who graduated during the SY 2019-2020; 14 under the deaconess program (five ABCE and 9 BEEd-ECE) and five (5) under the non-deaconess program. Below is the distribution of graduates by episcopal area and annual conference.

  1. Manila Episcopal Area (MEA) – 7

PamPAC – 1 (Maria Gabriella Feeniks E. Fajardo)

SNEPAC – 1 (Edelyn M. Handig)

MidPAC – 2 (Regine G. Velasco and Mariel E. Lumibao)

WMidPAC – 2 (Charlene Angela C. Serrano and Glenna Marie R. Valencia)

RPACE – 1 (Jaidine N. Cordero)

2. Baguio Episcopal Area (BEA) – 7

CLPAC – 2 (Judeah Deeve F. Antonio and Joannalyn M. Laureta)

NCPAC – 1 (Joy E. Talal)

NEPAC – 1 (Janna Flor A. Lovidad)

NWPAC – 1 (Marivic R. Ragandap)

PangPAC – 1 (Dolina Jane C. Lacambra)

TarPAC – 1 (Editha G. de Gracia)

Dr. Glenn Roy V. Paraso gave a very inspiring and challenging message on the  theme of the 107th Commencement Exercises: “Therefore, Go…Grow in Unity, Mission,  and Service.”

  1. Preparation for accreditation re-survey of Liberal Arts Program

We have started with the initial preparation for the accreditation re-survey of our Liberal Arts Program (Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education). Different working  committees were organized to take charge of the different areas to be evaluated.

  1. Preparation for the centennial celebration of Harris as pioneer in kindergarten education in the Philippines

Harris Memorial College will hold its year-round centennial celebration as the  pioneer in kindergarten education in the Philippines during the SY 2022-2023.  There are  several activities and programs that are lined-up as part of pre-centennial and the  centennial celebrations, as follows:

a. Bi-monthly webinars/seminars as continuing education in ECE (Early Childhood Education) for the whole year of 2021

Thanksgiving Service and Kick-off Celebration (January 2022)


  • Launching of the Centennial Hymn/Song
  • Launching of ECE Resource Materials written/authored/composed by HMC BKE Graduates
  • Presentation of the History of Kindergarten
  • Presentation of Documentary Film/Video on the First Filipino Kindergarten Teacher – Ms. Brigida Garcia-Fernando

c. Early Childhood Educators Convention, with Research-Forum on Best Practices in Early Childhood Education

d. Centennial song composition contest on kindergarten program/ministry (based on the theme of the centennial celebration)

e.  Testimonial Dinner/Reunion of graduates in the Harris preschool, with Recognition of Outstanding Alumni

f.  Reunion/Testimonial Dinner of HMC BKE/ECE Alumni


  • Recognition of Pioneer Kindergarten Schools and Teachers per Annual Conference
  • Recognition of Outstanding Harris BKE Graduates in Different Sectors/Fields of Expertise
  • Awarding of Winner’s on the Centennial Song Competition

g. Preschool Children’s Convention

h. Documentary film on the first Filipino kindergarten teacher – Brigida Garcia-Fernando

i. Production of resource materials written/authored/composed by HMC BKE graduates

ECE/KE faculty members will take charge of the different activities mentioned above.


  1. Blessing and dedication of newly renovated preschool building (Brigida Garcia- Fernando building)

We shall conduct the blessing and dedication of the newly renovated Brigida Garcia- Fernando building when it is safe to hold it. It will house the preschool and Grades  1-6 classes. We are deeply grateful to the sponsors for their radical generosity in financing the renovation of the building and for providing inverter air-conditioning units and LED TV

set in every classroom, and installation of air-conditioning units in offices and the school’s main clinic. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  1. Scholarship for the Basic Education Students

 There are different types of scholarship available to poor but deserving and  qualified incoming preschool pupils and Grades 1-12 students for SY 2021-2022. The       scholarship for preschool pupils come from the Brigida Garcia-Fernando Memorial  Scholarship funds established by the Fernando Family in honor and in loving memory of            their mother/grandmother who served as the first kindergarten teacher of   the   Harris Development Center for Children in 1922, thus making Harris the pioneer in  kindergarten education in the Philippines. We invite the children of our church workers and  members to apply and avail of scholarship offered by Harris.

  1. LET Review and Mock LET

As part of the 10-Year Development Plan of HMC (2017-2027), we shall conduct LET  Review and Mock LET for new graduates of Harris. We shall extend it to graduates in the field who would like to take LET. There will be fees to defray expenses for faculty members who will teach, for instructional materials, for board and lodging and for other expenses.

New graduates will be required to take LET Review and Mock LET to make sure they could pass the LET, with God’s help. It will be a condition/requirement for the release of transcript of records (TOR) for LET purposes.

  1. Offering of Degree Program to Pre-theological Students

Harris continues to accept pre-theological students for its AB Christian Education degree program. Rev. Juselle dela Cruz from Pampango PAC was the most recent pre- theological student who graduated with a degree of AB Christian Education  at Harris Memorial College. The knowledge he gained and the skills he developed have been helpful  in his pastoral ministry.



  1. Student scholarship

For the 1st semester, there were 43 (61%) out of 70 students who availed of scholarship, either full or partial, and 40 students for 2nd semester from partners in ministry here and abroad for a total of P1,801,330.79. There were 15 students who enjoyed merit scholarship for 1st semester amounting to P51,743.29, and 8 students for 2nd semester amounting to Php43,797.70 for a total of Php95,540.99. The combined grants-in-aid scholarship and merit scholarship for the two semesters is Php1,896,871.78.

  1. Rental Income from Times Plaza

The collection from rental share of Harris from Times Plaza has been drastically   decreased due to pre-termination of some major businesses caused by devastating effects of COVID-19 pandemic. This is the major source for salary and benefits of the employees.

  1. Observance of Harris Sunday

We are grateful to local churches here and abroad that observed Harris Sunday with special offering, as well as for Harris alumni and friends. For the year 2019, Harris  received Php 65,188.00 and Php 96,895.30 for 2020 until January 2021 for a total of Php 162,083.30.


For SY 2020-2021, we have 45 full-time and 26 part-time employees (mostly SHS teachers) for a total of 71, compared with 67 full-time and 22 part-time employees for a total of 89 last school year. The reason for having lesser number of full-time employees is due to multi-tasking we have been doing. Out 17 full-time employees who were  disconnected for different reasons, we only got one replacement. This is part of cost-cutting measures, too. We are grateful to our employees for their kind understanding and support.

We are glad and thankful to God for the approval of our BOT and employees to use our SY 2019-2020 budget for rest and recreation for the purchase and distribution of relief goods in nearby communities. There were 185 families who benefited from this relief operation. Another 160 families from the outreach areas of Harris were given relief goods worth P250,000 facilitated by the PCC-Board of Women’s Work. Also, some employees donated funds to the Kasimbayan for the purchase and distribution of relief goods to affected families by typhoons Rolly and Ulysses last November.

We have a part time faculty who recently finished her Ph.D. in Holistic Child Development. Our Registrar is pursuing her Ph.D. program, two faculty members are working on their thesis, six are pursuing their master’s degree and four staff members are finishing their bachelor’s degree program. Three faculty and two staff members avail of full scholarship from the school, while the rest support themselves to school.


Under the leadership of our school Chaplain, we continue with our Christian  Discipleship Formation Program like monthly chapel services, daily devotion of the  students with their families at home, care groups, annual retreats, Christian Emphasis Event, weekly memory verses, monthly community prayer, theological forum and the like.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Harris through the CESDev, has undertaken several relief operations to its outreach areas, with our partners in ministry. Below is a list of communities and families that were served.

  1. Dumagat Ministry- Paadelan E Denomagat (community-based preschool program) and SHS/College scholars
    • provision of school supplies, mobile phone, prepaid WIFI, provision of monthly allowance for SHS and college scholars (with support from GBGM, TSTM)
    • purchase of school and medical equipment for Paadelan E Denomagat
    • relief distribution (200 families) with support from UMCOR released by Harris
    • distribution of bags with hygiene kits (300 children) donated by NCCP
    • distribution of slippers (400 children) –with support from deaconesses in Pampanga (Jocel, Joy, Abby, Edith and Principal of Jocel)
    • distribution of printer with ink and bond paper (Butingtings are Blessing from deaconess Bless Deleon)
    • distribution of ham and pasta for 40 scholars of Harris thru the Grace Bible Church
    • cash aid (P3,000/family) and distribution of farm seed (50 families) for two Dumagat communities, with support from MEA-UMCOR
    • distribution of school supplies (11 children) thru the TSTM
  1. Lupang Arenda, Brgy. Sta. Ana, Taytay, Rizal
  • relief distribution for 20 affected families of typhoon Ulysses,with support from Harris employees.

3. Ticulio, Binangonan, Rizal

  • Distribution of bags with hygiene kits (50 children) (with support from  NCCP)
  • Distribution of Ham and Pasta for the scholars ( 50 scholars) with support from Grace Bible Church
  • Cash Aid (P3,000 each for 25 families) with support from MEA-UMCOR


We conducted two webinars to help our students, parents and Harris employees  cope with the adverse effects of COVID-19 pandemic on their mental and psychological  aspects of life.  The first one titled “Mental Health and Psychosocial Support” was held on  July 31, 2020, with Dr. Regi Pamugas (licensed psychiatrist), Ms. Jo Anne Cabales and Ms. Danna Acosta as resource persons. The other one on “Building Resilience against the Dangers in Cyberspace” was conducted on November 13, 2020, with Ms. Inday Espina-Varona, a multi-awarded journalist, as resource person.


Last October 23, 2020, we celebrated the 117th Founding Anniversary of Harris through a virtual Thanksgiving Worship, with Bishop Rodolfo A. Juan as preacher. It was capped by a virtual Thanksgiving Concert featuring the alumni, church choirs and family choir. We and those who joined and watched these two events were blessed, inspired and touched by God. Praise God!

NETWORKING AND LINKAGING with Partners in Ministry

We are grateful to God for our faithful and generous partners in ministry here and abroad. Below are some of them.

  1. From the USA and Korea

a. Fernando Family (Mr. Rodolfo and Lita Fernando and son Don Fernando and Dr. Edwin Fernando)

>   donated significant amount of scholarship for indigent but deserving preschool pupils beginning SY 2021-2022.

b. United Methodist Women National Office in New York

> sent $3,829.08 for full scholarship of three student deaconesses for SY 2020-2021.

They will continue to support these three students until they graduate, provided they comply with and meet their requirements.

> donated $10,112.27 for the general operations, scholarships and priority programs  and projects of the school for the Basic Education and College departments.

c.    Mr. Thomas Harris and Clan

> 4th generation of Norman Wait Harris of Chicago, Illinois in whose memory our   school was named after him. The funds they send annually are intended for   scholarship of student deaconesses and home missioners and for the continuing   professional development of faculty, teachers and staff of Harris.

d. Rev. Grace E. Huck (deceased)

> sends monthly share from her God-given oil deposits to Harris thru The Advance  Project of the school.

e.  Scranton Women Leadership Center (SWLC) (based in Seoul, Korea)

> provides almost full scholarship to ten qualified student deaconesses every year.

f. Ms. Violeta Mateo-Domingo (deaconess from the USA)

> donated $5,000.00 towards the perimeter fence project of Harris, in partnership with the HAA-Philippines. She pledged to give another $5,000.00 for the same purpose this  year.

g. Mr. and Mrs. Merlin and Naomi Bote-Martin (deaconess from the USA)

> sent funds for full scholarship of a student deaconess, and for partial scholarship  of indigent student deaconesses.

h. Alumni and Friends, Local churches

> HMCAF Northern California, HMC Southern California, Bellaire UMC, and other  alumni and friends provide scholarship to student deaconesses, while others   send funds for the priority projects of the school.


  1. From the Philippines

a. Union Church of Manila

> provides scholarship of P50,000.00 each for four student deaconesses for two  semesters annually.

b. Mr. Rafy and Moonyeen Fernando

> provides scholarship to some needy student deaconesses.

c. Dr. Zenaida P. Lumba – supports a student deaconess in Pampanga.

d. Mrs. Evangeline Magtoto – provides scholarship to some indigent student deaconesses.

e. Dr. Afrie Songco-Joye – has put up a scholarship fund in memory of her parents and sister for needy student deaconesses.

f. Dr. Ruth Javier-Lorico – provides scholarship to indigent student deaconesses from BULPAC   from the Magdalena Manahan-Javier Memorial Scholarship Fund she put up.


            We praise and thank God for His guidance and provisions in this time of pandemic. We went through very difficult times thinking, reflecting, planning and praying where God would lead Harris this year and in the next three years.  With the encouragement, support, prayers and approval of the Board of Trustees of the 3-Year Strategic Plan/Direction of Harris Memorial College, and with the hard work, positive spirit and team work of the school administrators, faculty and staff, we were able to start and continue implementing the Strategic Plan with clear direction and with joy.

Despite the closing down of many small private schools, God gave us a good number of students in the Basic Education and College departments. God continues to provide for the needs of our school through faithful and generous partners in ministry here and abroad who believe and support the vision, mission and goals of Harris Memorial College.

We are grateful for the untiring support and prayers of our incumbent bishops, alumni, fellow church workers, individuals and local churches.

To God all praises and glory.