Co-Curricular activities



Teachers on the Go (TOG) is an organization of students who major in Kindergarten Education. It supports the programs of the Education Department.


Esthers of Today (EOT) is for students who major in ChristianEducation. This organization promotes the programs of the Arts and Sciences Department.


Teatro is a club organization for students who have passion in the performing arts like singing, dancing, and acting.


English Club is an organization for students who like to acquire more knowledge and proficiency in the English language beyond the classroom and in new and varied forms.





The Pioneer is the official school organ of the high school. The paper desires to guide budding young writers in their quests for critical and responsible expression of their ideas and opinions. it facilitates workshops to equip the members in campus journalism and make them competent in press conferences and other activities outside the school.


Glee Club serves as a training ground and laboratory for its members who want to enhance their skills through musical presentations and other activities that showcase their  talents. participation in the programs and activities inside and outside the school provide venues for the members in using their gifts and talents.


Sci-Math Club is an organization of students purposely to develop more their skills in science. It offers peer tutoring, group study, and tutorial services after class hours from volunteer teachers for free.


History, Arts, and Culture Club (HACC)   is for those students who want to participate in a deeper study of history, arts, and culture. Thus, they are exposed to the life and works of  local and international heroes through visits to galleries and museums.


ROBOTICS  is a fun  and enjoyable way of knowing the basics about robots. It provides students practical hands-on and real-world application of computer programming.


Campus Ministry is a program under the office of the school chaplain. It aims to help the students grow spiritually and to inculcate in them Christian values.





The Blaze is the official newsletter of the elementary.




Glee Club