Psalm 32:8


Leovi May R. Nanat

First Year Student

“The Lord will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; he will counsel you and watch over you.” (Psalm 32:8)



Every day is a day of making decisions.  It may be as simple as choosing the color of your dress, or it may be as complicated as choosing your career or a school in college.


When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a nurse. But one day when I rode a bicycle and I bumped into a tree, as I saw blood on my arms and my knees, I didn’t like to become a nurse anymore. Because I realized I was afraid of blood.


When I was in the elementary I started bullying my classmates. They always said that I was boyish and I adopted my father’s characteristics of bullying his classmates when he was still young. Then, I was informed that my uncle was a security guard and my grandfather was a former soldier. So I said I also wanted to become a soldier. I wanted to study at Philippine Military Academy and I wanted to learn how to use a gun so I could shoot all my enemies. “Astig !” as I preferrd to call it. But then I have asthma, my lolo told me that I can never enter PMA with my condition. I was discouraged but still, I kept on dreaming for my future.


When I reached high school, I began to think more maturely. I dreamed of becoming  an accountant so I could have a lot of money to help the poor people. I told myself, I will work hard for my family and for the people who needed help. My teachers always said, “Mag teacher ka nalang neng, mas kailangan ka ng mga bata.” And I kept on answering “Ayoko po. Sa ugali kong ito, baka makasakit lang ako ng makukulit na bata at baka mas mahal pa yung ibayad ko kaysa sa sahod ko”.


When I was in second year and I was involved in different church activities, my dream slowly began to change. I was a Sunday school teacher, a devotion leader, sometimes a preacher, I became UMYF President and church helper. I loved everything I was doing for the Lord’s Ministry. And I got confused also. I couldn’t decide which college course to take up. But I trusted God and he led me here. I am so blessed for being here. A lot of changes have happened in me because of Harris. I learned to value simple things, know my priorities, be humble, and, especially, to let God manifest in my life and let him use me in his ministry.


Now that I am still suffering from a great pain because of the death of my father recently, I still trust him whatever and wherever he leads me. For I know, he will instruct and guide me. There are trials that keep on challenging me and trying to put me down. But I keep on holding on to God’s hands, for I know he will never leave me.


My point is to let you know that God will never leave you. He is always ready to help because he is always watching over you.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY !