Tribute to God by Cleo Lapinig, Grade 12-HUMSS during the SHS Thanksgiving Service

Tribute to God
Delivered by Cleo Lapinig, Grade 12-HUMSS during the SHS Thanksgiving Service

March 28, 2019


 All the glory and praise be given to Heavenly Father today as He blessed this day for us. Our sincere gratitude will always be to you.

This batch of SHS graduates would agree when I say that the care and love for one another had deepened so radically this year. We are a group of people with all opposites, and we are so different from each other. I know it could have been easy to act selfishly and to pursue what each individual wanted, but God has faithfully worked in each of us and the tender words and encouragements that have taken place toward one another, how we were quick to help and serve each other, how we have confronted each other without harshness, is truly a Christ-like picture we have learned to paint. So I thank the School Chaplain, Rev. Estelito M. Binuya, Jr. and our former School Chaplain, Pastora Gladys Grace C. Caole, for making our SHS life more bolder with Jesus in our hearts.

We have learned so much from each other and we have grown toward Christ-likeness through the foundation of our beloved school, Harris Memorial College. Therefore, it is a sorrow and yet a joy to say that the paths that have been so closely entwined with each other daily are now heading toward different directions. As we realized that we belong to God, and that He is the one who direct our paths, this time at Harris Memorial College was only a stepping stone in God’s plan that we may mature and grow to be prepared for the path ahead of us. Go does not make a mistake.

Then we would realize that it is the same as what God has done for us in our life, not just as a student but also as person in this world. God always helps us in all circumstances, good or bad. He would help us without any complaint, just one act of love and joy after another, helping us in everything. Giving Him thanks brings a joy to our heart and creates strength is us for we know that there is a God who is the true reason for our success and victory.

Even when circumstances may cause us to fall, a word of encouragement rises in us, causing us not to give up and assuring that God has a plan for us, a blessed life full of hope and a wonderful future! For this, we give thanks to the Lord!

His goodness is forever. His kindness is forever. His mercy is forever. FOREVER. “Let’s keep ourselves in the love of God.”